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Unfortunately some internet providers are using transparent proxy servers, which can break your connection to our system.
Other providers intercept DNS requests and forward them to their own servers, which is referred to as "DNS hijacking" (see below).


Blacklist of providers: 

  • Vodafone - New Zealand: You MUST have a static IP to use our system with Vodafone. They don't forward users with a static IP through their transparent proxy.
  • TelstraClear - New Zealand
  • SingTel - Singapore
  • StarHub Cable Vision - Singapore
  • Emirates Telecommunications Corporation – UAE
  • Telkom SA Limited – South Africa
  • Syban Systems Inc - Alberta (DNS hijacking)
  • Vodafone Italy (DNS hijacking) 
  • True ISP - Thailand (selective transparent proxy)
  • Xplornet - Canada

You most likely you won't be able to connect to our system if your provider is using a transparent proxy.
DNS hijacking can be circumvented if you have router with DD-WRT firmware or if you can start a local DNS server and configure it to connect to our servers on port 5353 (Most Macs have one built in. On Windows you can use Acrylic DNS proxy).

Additionally, mobiDNS is able to get around most internet providers' restrictions!

Please note though that mobiDNS only supports one active connection at a time.

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